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The Social Secret Weapon

This Powerful Software Leverages Private Messaging to Increase Trust, Drive Free Traffic & Maximize Sales - on 100% Autopilot

For every 1 dollar I've spent on TrustMsg I have consistently made 5 dollars back in return!

My customers love the personal service and trust me more as a result!

Bottom Line? More sales, More traffic, Less complaints and even an increase in email open rates - they just love hearing what I've got to say!

Martyn Cook

Martyn Cook

Ecommerce Expert

Setup is easy and fast! No Technical knowledge needed!

We'll even arm you with winning strategies and message templates -
there's no excuse not to launch your new TrustMsg campaigns today!

Here's what happens....

Prospect Comments On Your Posts

Comment Example
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TrustMsg Monitors Your Posts and Automatically Sends Your Personalised Private Facebook Message To Everyone who Comments or has previously commented

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The prospect receives a notification, audio alert and your message pops up on their screen!

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The happy prospect reads your message, clicks your link and takes action = $$$!

Customers LOVE the personal touch!

Not only do these private messages receive almost a 100% open rate - prospects LOVE the personal touch - they feel special and trust your brand more!

Go on! Give it a test drive...

Leave a comment on our post below and keep and see what happens in your Facebook inbox in the next 10 minutes...

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Click on the Comment button!

You've only witnessed the tip of iceberg...

Over 6 months of development and thousands of $$s went into making the best and easiest-to-use, most powerful automated messenger around!

Keep Scrolling Down

Step 1: Pick the post you want to manage

In Step 1, you'll select the fb page and post you want to send private messages for.

Easily sort and filter by date, number of enagements, published/dark post or exact post ID.

Step 2: Set the message you want to send

In Step 2, you will set the message you want to send.

Use our dynamic tags to include the customer name, current day or date - you can even use spin text!

You can also choose to trigger the message from specific words, include/exclude messaging replies of replies, and turn on the anti-duplication setting too!

That's it! 2 Steps - 30 Seconds!

The only way this could take less of your time would be to give your VA access to do it... Yep! We even include VA access with the service!

Money Back Guarantee

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that TrustMSG will help your business that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 14-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason TrustMSG does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 14 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 14 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. Give it a try…you have nothing to lose!

How Much Money Can You Make?

Select the approximate number of comments you have across all your posts on all your pages...

Enter your store purchase conversion rate

Enter your average order value

Estimated Earnings: {{ (tier.messages * tier.ctr / 100 * parseFloat(cr.split('%')[0]) / 100 * parseFloat(profit_per_sale.split('$')[1].split(',').join(''))) - tier.price | money '$' }} /month

This is based on the 12% CTR our customers typically see from links in their private messages, combined with the information you've entered above.

Recommended Package: {{ }}

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

Is TrustMsg fully Facebook compliant?

Absolutely - in fact we went to a lot of trouble making sure the software was well-documented and compliant. It 100% uses the Fb API for all actions and we submitted the app for whitelisting/approval - we’re proud to say that it passed the manual review process from the apps team - it is now 100% publicly whitelisted.

Can I set up a different template reply for each post within a page?

Yes you can! Each post can have its own unique private message sent out to users so if you have one post selling Oranges and another for Bananas - you can set different private messages to be sent for each posts

Will it reply to Dark Posts / unpublished posts or hidden posts?

Yes! Trustmsg will reply to comments made on posts that were created from ads manager / power editor or even posts created on a Facebook page but then hidden from the page timeline

Does it have any dynamic features for the post reply?

Yes! You can dynamically include the users first name or full name in your reply template

I would like to mix up my replies - can I do that automatically?

Yes! You can use standard spin text in your template and TrustMsg will randomly choose from the options you give it .. there’s a little guide available when setting up your rules which shows how to use this feature

How often does TrustMsg check for new comments and how often does it reply?

TrustMsg checks for new comments every 10 minutes, however to keep it natural and to not put a strain on the api the replies are sent after a randomly assigned time period, between 2 and 25 minutes after the comment.

Can my VA use TrustMsg?

Yep! Once you’ve set your account up - simply share your TrustMsg login details with the VA and they can set up replies for you . You, as the bad-ass owner - can login with your Facebook account OR with the email/pass combination

What if i’ve already manually private messaged someone from a comment before, will TrustMsg message them again?

No - once a message thread has been opened up with that customer TrustMsg will skip that comment - so no duplicated messages! yay!

What happens when someone comments on my post but their comment is hidden, either manually, or automatically by the Facebook page filter?

That person will still get a private message sent to them - even though their comment is hidden to everyone else

Can I just set-it and forget it?

Yep! Absolutely - once you’ve set the rules up for the post, TrustMsg will reply to any new comments that come in on that post you don’t need to do anything. Bonus: Users who have already been messaged, but not yet replied won’t get another message from TrustMsg - but you CAN manually message them from the page if you like.

Can I request new features?

Yes you can, simply send a message to Martyn or send an email to the support email address - we can’t guarantee that everything will be added, but the most popular / beneficial requests will be given priority!

Sounds amazing! Why are you only opening it up to a small group of customers?

It’s a powerful piece of software and creates an advantage to anyone using it. We don’t want to lose this advantage over other marketers so we’re keeping the number of customers using it small. Also by limited the users we can provide better support and ensure the service is only used ethically and responsibly.

Does talking personally one-on-one to customers really result in a boost of sales?

You bet! Private messages are like emails - that actually get read 100% of the time .. what’s more, the personal touch and support this communication provides goes a long way to make your customer feel warm and fluffy enough to purchase 😃

Do you accept PayPal payments?

At this time we don’t accept Paypal, our software is deeply intertwined with Stripe, it is something we’re exploring in the future.


It works great! everyone should definitely be using it. For us it has already paid for itself for the the next year and we've only been using it less than 1 month so far.

John Hughes

Installing TrustMsg was a no brainer for us. We used to manually reach out to each of our customers via fb messenger with generic non personalized offers. Now TrustMsg takes care of all of that for us with the added bonus of spin text and personalized name messages. You really can't go wrong with this app as it's an additional customer support agent that follows up with each one of your fans that comments on your ad.

Another bonus is since installing it's we've made over 15 times our initial monthly investment. Get it now and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

William Alexander

Social Marketing is about having a 2 way street conversation with your potential customers. It’s about treating them as human beings and engaging with them to answer their questions, objections and to help them make a buying decision about your brand / offer.

Until now, you could do that manually and you still can, but how much is your time worth?

TrustMSG allows you to make more money out of your marketing on FB, by automating your engagement marketing in a super simple way. Log in, set up your engagement message + include a coupon, automate and see sales pouring in from customers you would have otherwise lost!

At Limitless Marketer we use TrustMSG for all our ecommerce brands and it has already paid for itself 100x in just the first month of using it. I couldn’t see myself or my team doing all that work, but I definitely won’t stop engaging with our prospects… and that’s why TrustMSG is a must have tool in your business arsenal.

Demian Caceres

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